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Springs Stewardship: A Call for Professional Collaboration

Springs Stewardship Institute, Museum of Northern Arizona
3101 N Fort Valley Rd
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
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contact Jeri Ledbetter at: jeri@springstewardship.org

Springs ecology and stewardship are inherently multi-disciplinary endeavors, because springs are complex, groundwater dependent, surface-linked ecosystems that are biologically and culturally diverse and productive, and highly threatened by human activities. Improving knowledge and stewardship of springs requires collaboration among the scientific fields of geology, hydrology, geochemistry, ecosystem ecology, population ecology, conservation ecology, taxonomy, archeology, cultural anthropology, economics, public policy, and environmental regulation, as well as other fields. We at the Springs Stewardship Institute clearly recognize the need for discussion and collaboration among experts in many fields of scientific and social endeavor.

Here are a few ways we can expand our collaboration on this important topic:

Please contact me at larry@springstewardship.org if you are interested in helping us advance scientific understanding of springs ecology and stewardship. Please indicate if you are willing to share your area of expertise, your contact information and your website URL. Any references or contacts you consider worthy of sharing are most welcome and your assistance will be acknowledged if you permit us to do so. Thank you for your interest in this important area of study and advisement.

Larry Stevens, PhD
Springs Stewardship Institute
Museum of Northern Arizona
3101 N. Ft. Valley Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001