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Play Hide and Seep

Springs Stewardship Institute, Museum of Northern Arizona
3101 N Fort Valley Rd
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
928 774-5211 ext 231
contact Jeri Ledbetter at: jeri@springstewardship.org

If you find a spring that isn't included on topographic maps, you can let us know about it, or add it at ArcGIS Online.

Although this map focuses on Arizona, feel free to add a spring anywhere in the world.

To add a spring, zoom to its location, click "Edit", then click on "Spring Reported", and click on its location on the map. Then fill in the information. Feel free to give it a provisional name that honors the site.

This project is made possible by the generous contributions of ESRI's Conservation Grant Program.

Thanks for playing Hide and Seep!


Add a Spring on ArcGIS Online